Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Furry Valentine

The day of our first Puppy Kindergarten class -- way back in January -- I got an email from the instructor saying that it was really cold and we might want to bring sweaters for the pups. I was short on time, so I popped into the closest pet store. I didn't find any Jedi-sized sweaters under $40 (twice what I wanted to pay). I found a tacky, fleece shirt that said "Mom's 'Lil Heart Breaker." I bought it, but never used it. After all, Jedi is a self-respecting German shepherd (with a thick double coat). Jedi is growing quickly and won't be able to fit into the shirt much longer. He's not too upset about that, but I spent $20 on the stupid thing! I thought I'd take a few pictures of him in the shirt. It wasn't easy. I don't see him having a future in doggie modelling. Enjoy! -- K


The box is empty. Hubby found all the chocolate before Jedi.