Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day with the Dogs

Taking a break at Huffman Park
Happy Father's Day out there to all my Doggie Daddy friends. Hope you're enjoying the day. It is uncomfortably hot here and we stayed inside most of the day. When things cooled down this evening, Hubby and I took Jedi and Roxy to Huffman Park. It's not as big as Ed Austin Park, but it's closer to the house. Honestly, I don't think the dogs really care where we go; they just want to be out.

Jedi did much better today. There was some pulling, but none of the assitude we've had lately. Kids rode by on bikes and joggers ran past us with no reaction whatsoever. And Jedi barely even noticed the guys loudly playing basketball 10 feet from the path. Now we need to work on Roxy's pulling. sigh

Imagine this with two GSDs
I have fantasies of calmly walking my dogs on a tandem leash. I even have the leash! I bought it years ago, hoping I could walk Pepper and Logan together. Unfortunately, Pepper was just as difficult as Roxy. I felt sorry for poor Logan and gave up. I found the leash again a few months ago, but Roxy is such a spazz that I'm doubting it'll ever happen. And I'm starting to think the problem is me. Where's Cesar Millan when I need him?

So I want to close this post with a poem I found on Facebook. If the dogs had thumbs and a Facebook page, I'm sure they would have shared this with Hubby. -- K

To My Dad (a poem from the dog)

You feed me when I'm hungry,
You keep water in my dish,
You let me sleep on anything
Or in any place I wish.

You sometimes let me lick your hands,
Or even lick your face,
Despite the fact I've licked myself
In every private place.

You taught me how to come when called,
You taught me how to sit,
You always let me go outside
So I can take a shit.

You'll always have my loyalty,
Until the bitter end,
'Cause after all, it's plain to see,
You are a dog's best friend.

Happy Father's Day

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