Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Date With Cesar Millan

Last night Cesar Millan came to Jacksonville. I tried to get somebody -- anybody! -- to go with me but everyone was either busy or didn't have the money. I really didn't want to go alone. I'm a big fat chicken and I don't like to drive downtown at night. Finally I bit the bullet and bought a single ticket. I am so glad I did. It was awesome!!

I was surprised to discover that Cesar is really, really funny. The first hour he just lectured, and we laughed until it hurt. Anyone who has seen his show has probably heard most of what he said, though he was a lot more blunt in person. His animal impersonations are spot on and his American accent is hilarious.

Cesar talked a lot about energy, of course, but one thing he said really stuck out: "Humans are the only species that will follow an unstable leader." Energy is a difficult thing to describe, so he showed us an experiment he did with a dog, its owner, and a heart rate monitor. Wow.

Cesar also spoke about exercise. Yes, we all groaned, but he has a point. Another quote that really stood out: "Third world dogs may be skinny, but they don't have psychological problems." Maybe Cesar Millan can get me to do what Dr. Schwartz (my family doctor) can't -- get off my ass and go for a walk. Jedi would appreciate it!

The second half of the show was really amazing. Local rescue groups brought out some of their dogs and the audience got to watch Cesar work his magic right in front of our eyes. I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and bought a ticket. Sorry you couldn't come with me. Maybe next time? -- K

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