Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Tropical storm Andrea has really messed up our routine. It has rained for several days now. The dogs don't want to go outside and their playing inside has knocked over too much furniture. Jedi is tired of fetching down the hall. Everybody is on edge. Roxy has started snapping at Jedi. I'm frustrated. Today is my day off. Normally we go hiking on Thursdays but it's too wet for that. What's a dog to do? Hubby had an idea -- a pet shop tour! We loaded the dogs into the SUV and headed off for three stores we don't normally frequent.
Oh no he didn't! sigh. He did.

Our first stop was Petco. It's only 10 minutes from the house but Roxy whined the whole way. Jedi was an ass and barked at everybody in the store. He also took a dump in the dog food aisle. (I swear Roxy laughed because it wasn't her this time!) Hubby was ready to stop the trip right then! I took a shaming picture, picked up the poo, and convinced Hubby to soldier on. We walked around the store, looked at toys and treats, and the dogs eventually calmed down. I didn't see anything interesting, and remembered why we don't shop at Petco. The dogs got a small jerky treat and we headed off to the next store.

Our next stop was Petland. This is a tiny store in one of the newer strip malls. They had some interesting things we don't normally see at our regular pet store. Hubby spent most of the time talking to the resident blue and gold macaw. We picked up a toy for Hermione and a couple chewy treats for the dogs and headed toward the beach.

Not happy sitting in
the rain for a picture
Our final store was Pet Supermarket. By this point Jedi had stopped barking at strangers. We enjoyed wandering around looking at all the pet paraphernalia. Pet Supermarket has a lot of unusual stuff. I found a German shepherd training magazine that mentioned the bad habits of barking and digging right on the cover -- yeah, I bought it! Pet Supermarket has a nice bird section and we got some stuff for Hermione and Mr. Frodo. The cashier had sweet potato chews for the dogs. Roxy wouldn't take it (of course) but Jedi loved them so we bought a pack.
Jedi approved

We finished up the day with a cheeseburger at Sonic. The trip did it's job as both dogs are passed out on the floor. Yea! Hopefully Andrea will pass quickly and we can return to normal soon. If not, I have no idea what we'll do tomorrow. Any suggestions? -- K

Roxy and Jedi waiting (im)patiently for their cheeseburger