Friday, November 29, 2013

Darth Jedi?

Black Friday has a different meaning in this house. "Someone" has fallen prey to the Dark Side. This unnamed individual has learned how to open my closet and remove plastic hangers -- and then chew them to bits. He'll climb up the cat tree to eat Gucci's food. He's crapped in the house twice in the past few days. He won't sleep at night. He charges the door and keeps getting in the trash. He's been such a turd that even Roxy has told him off. This is not the dog I'm looking for.

Is this doggie adolescence? If so, it sucks. Maybe his behavior has changed because Hubby has gone back to work full time, and Jedi is upset that he's lost his daytime companion. It doesn't help that my work truck is making me sick (long story for another day) and all I do on weeknights is puke and sleep. Yeah, lately we've been piss poor puppy parents (say that five times). Whatever the reason, I want things to change.

All joking aside, there is one behavioral issue that needs addressing NOW and I'm at a loss as how to fix it. Jedi is an ass to people (non-family members) in the house. I'll put him in a sit-stay when the door is opened and everything seems to be fine. Then out of nowhere he'll charge and bark at the person we just let in. This is not acceptable. It's scary for the house guests and embarrassing for me. And I'm afraid it's a lawsuit in the making. I'm having difficulty expressing to him that if we let a person in the house it's OK. How do I make him understand that I've got things under control and I'll let him know when I need his help? Any ideas? -- K