Friday, November 1, 2013

Fun Match recap

Last Sunday was the German Shepherd Dog Club of North Florida's 3rd Annual Fun Match. It was a clear, cool day -- perfect for showing dogs!

I decided at the last minute to take Jedi in the ring. It was the first time we'd done anything in a month. He looked great; me, not so much. I need to work on my movement. And apparently I need to remember to keep my right hand down. What's with that limp wrist action?!

I should smile more too. Don't you think? Ugh. Now stop looking at me and notice the gorgeous dog at the other end of the leash.

Lucky for me, the judge was able to see how beautiful Jedi is despite my shortcomings. He won First Place and Best of Breed in the German shepherds. He competed against his brother and half brother -- tough competition! He went on to the herding group and took third. Being a Fun Match there are no points toward Champion (it's just a practice show for novice dogs and handlers). Instead, Jedi got a squeaky toy. He didn't mind.

Look at that face. I love this dog! I know he'd do so much better in the ring if I were more dedicated/less clueless.

So, any suggestions? -- K

P.S. Thanks Madam President for the photos!

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