Wednesday, February 18, 2015

He IS a Shepherd!

Last weekend I entered Jedi in a couple herding instinct trials. Basically, we put him in a pen with sheep and watched what happened. Jedi had never seen sheep before, so I was a bit worried.

Jedi was put on a long line and three sheep were walked around the pen. Jedi sniffed the sheep. (Seriously, he buried his nose in the back end of a poor ewe. It was embarrassing!)

At first Jedi just followed the sheep. Then he started chasing the sheep. But at 2 minutes, 8 seconds the light came on and he started herding the sheep! The long line was dropped and I watched in total amazement.

Jedi circled around one way, then the other, driving the sheep forward and keeping them together. It was incredible! All I could think to say was "Oh my goodness. He IS a shepherd!"

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