Tuesday, February 10, 2015

We're At It Again

This is Suwannee Valley Kennel Club's logo. Isn't it great?
So . . . a while back I bitched and moaned about whether I would continue showing Jedi or look for a different outlet. After a bit of soul searching -- and several "Put on your big girl panties" speeches from loved ones -- I decided that we'd return to the ring and give it a year to see if Jedi and I have what it takes. I shared that with you all and set the April 3 German Shepherd Dog Club of North Florida's specialty shows as our return date. I was *almost* comfortable with the decision. But then . . .

The very same day I posted my decision I got a call from my friend/breeder. The Suwannee Valley Kennel Club of Florida is holding two all-breed shows March 21-22. The location is within driving distance so I can skip the cost of a hotel. She really thinks I should go. Hubby concurs. (Those two always gang up on me, BTW.) I am so NOT ready and it's making me anxious. Jedi's stacking is still sloppy and I am so out of shape that I don't know if I can run around the ring. I was lovingly told to quit whining and go anyway. So if I don't want to make a total ass of myself, I need to start jogging. And practice stacking. And praying. Wish me luck!

I'm a little worried that we might be doing too much at once. Here's the dilemma:
  • Nose Work is fun and I don't want to quit. I told Hubby that for now we're just playing, not training for competition. Also, if I drop out I'll lose my spot in the class and may not be able to pick up later. (It took 9 months to get this spot!)
  • I've been wanting to get Jedi's CGC for months. I've mentioned it here multiple times. Unfortunately, classes kept getting pushed back -- until now. And now I'm afraid that we might blow it. Good news is that Trainer says if we don't pass the first time we can retake the test with her any time. I'm trying not to stress. (I'm failing.)
  • THEN there's the Herding Instinct Test. It's just one weekend. THIS weekend. No practicing. I've already sent in the entry fees, so I'm not backing out now. And I don't know if the test opportunity will ever come this close to us again. I've made up my mind, so why am I still stressing over it?
  • So that leaves the stacking and gaiting thing. I haven't been in the ring in almost a year. I'm rusty. I'm afraid I'll look bad. I'm afraid I'll vomit. (Seriously, I haven't jogged in months.) I don't know what to wear. Will my show clothes still fit? (Have I mentioned that I can think something to death?) But the good news is that they'll accept my entry and cash my check regardless of how sucky I am, so who cares. Right? (I care. Dammit.)
  • And if this isn't enough, I'm trying to put together the Blogging From A to Z Challenge stuff now. I'm stuck on a few letters (F, K and N) and others are just rough drafts. Really rough.
Argh! . . . I'm going to stop now. I'm making myself nuts. I think I'll go have a glass of wine -- or three, don't judge me -- and see if I can come up with a game plan that doesn't kill me. Any suggestions? (That's for the game plan; I've got the wine selection figured out.) -- K

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