Saturday, February 21, 2015

Oops, She Did It Again

According to Blogger, my most popular post is the one about Roxy pooping in Petsmart. (Yeah, really.) I swear we're conscientious pet owners. We walk our dogs outside in the grass before going in the store. We tell them to "Go potty." We even wait until they tell us that they don't have to go. Apparently that's not good enough, because Roxy did it again. This time in Petco.

At least she pretended to be remorseful this time. She's not, trust me.
I'm beginning to think that Roxy likes pooping in the pet store. Maybe it's her wild side peeking through. I wonder if she has a secret goal of crapping in every pet store chain in Jacksonville. Her own kind of bucket list. If so, the people at Pet Supermarket had better watch out.

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