Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Busy, Busy, Busy

Look what came today!

We actually passed the test a month ago, but still . . . I'm so freakin' excited! I keep all Jedi's certificates in a binder, much like I keep all his ribbons in a box. I enjoy pulling them out to reminisce and wonder where we'll a year from now.

Fall is just around the corner and various dog trials are starting up again. I scoured several sites (including Infodog, UKC and BHA) to made a calendar. I wanted to see what was being offered where. I'm trying to see what Jedi and I should do next. It's tough! There are multiple things to do every weekend from October to April.
  • In October there's a UKC nosework trial in Ocala. We need to pick up one Novice Container leg to earn our Novice Nosework (NN) title. We also need one leg to earn our Novice Handler Discrimination (NHD) title. I think both elements are being offered at that trial!
  • Rumor has it that an AKC Scent Work trial will be offered in Ocala sometime in December. I definitely want to do that.
  • My favorite training site will host monthly Barn Hunt trials starting in October. We only need two legs to earn our Open Barn Hunt (RATO) title.
  • There will be several Rally trials nearby in the next eight months as well. I'd love to try for our Rally Novice (RN) title. The Tuesday Training crew has been working so hard on it.
  • My GSD club is hosting conformation shows in April. As I mentioned earlier, I'm kinda on the planning committee for that!
  • And somewhere along the way the GSD club wants to hold both an AKC Scent and Go and an AKC Scent Work trial.
Holy cow, I can already feel my weekends (and money) slipping away. Oh well, at least I'll have something to blog about. See you at the show! -- K

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