Friday, January 26, 2018

More Fun Stuff from AKC

I’ve mentioned before that Jedi and I both have short attention spans. Seriously, we’ll try something, get bored, then try something else. This is why Jedi has a dozen novice titles, but nothing higher. Lucky for us, we find our joy in the doing instead of having titles. On that note, here are two new(ish) things from the AKC that Jedi and I are looking at.

Farm Dog Certified Test

This is similar to the Canine Good Citizen Test (CGC). There are 12 different things that a dog must do to pass. They are:
  • Politely greet the judge
  • Perform a walking pattern around a farm environment and a passive stranger
  • Jump on a hay or straw bale
  • Walk by farm animals in a pen
  • Walk over or through unusual surfaces
  • Sit patiently during a supervised separation
  • Pass through a gate
  • Wait patiently as handler feeds livestock
  • Passive/no reaction to another dog passing by
  • Passive/no reaction to a typical farm noise distraction (i.e. a tractor)
  • Passive/no reaction as the dog approaches livestock
  • Allow handler to physically inspect and remove debris from face, feet and coat
Unlike the CGC, the dog has to pass twice under two different judges to qualify. Unfortunately, there's nobody nearby for us to train with. However, Jedi has been exposed all of this (or something similar to it) through his CGC, Herding Instinct Test, GSDCA Temperament Test and barn hunt. I found a group in Malabar (2.5 hours away) that’s offering this test in March. Don’t tell Hubby, but I think we’re going for it!

My biggest fear is that all this must be performed on a loose lead. Jedi gets excited and pulls. BADLY. The only way I know to counter the pulling is to wear his ass out before the test. I guess we're showing up early.

Achiever Dog Program

This is right up my alley! This was developed to get people to try new things with their dogs. Dogs who are awarded a placement or earn a qualifying score in three different AKC recognized sports receive a certificate. That’s it! And it’s retroactive. A dog must earn at least one of the three sport achievements on or after December 1, 2017. However, previously earned titles or achievements can be used for two of the three that are required.

How about you? Are you ready to try something new? Earlier this month I made a list of 18 different things to try with your dog in 2018. Why not pick out a few and try for an Achiever Dog certificate?

YOU SHOULD KNOW: Like all AKC dog sports, a dog must have an AKC number to participate. Don't have one? No problem! If your dog is obviously a purebred, you can get a PAL (Purebred Alternative Listing) number. You'll need to take some pictures, fill out of form and send in a small fee. A few weeks later you'll be good to go. Information here.

And what if your dog is not a purebred? Still not a problem! If your dog is a mixed breed, you can get a Canine Partner number. Just fill out a form and send in a small fee. Information here.

See, there is no reason why you can't get out and compete with your dog. WARNING: Earning those little ribbons is addictive! I'm sure you'll treasure them as much as I do.

Now, get out there and do something with your dog. And if you happen to be at the same trail as me and Jedi, make sure to come over and say '"Hi." -- K


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