Friday, June 29, 2018

Run, Jedi, Run

In April we discovered a new dog sport -- Fast CAT. This is a timed 100 yard dash for dogs. Dogs are handicapped by size and then timed as they run 100 yards as fast as they can down a straight, flat course. Times are turned into points. Titles are earned by point accumulation. More info can be found on the AKC website.

Look at that happy face. My friend took this picture. Isn't it great?! 

A lure is used to coax the dog to run, but Jedi couldn't have cared less about it. I was at the finish line, jumping up and down yelling "Come to Mommy!" -- and he did just that! Jedi's fastest time was 10.12 seconds. That converted to 19.87 miles per hour. I know, WOW!

Jedi has run the Fast CAT four times, and will need to run another 2-3 times to earn enough points for his BCAT title. We're looking for another trial now. I'll keep you posted. -- K

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