Tuesday, June 26, 2018

One More Time

At 4.5 months the puppy is all legs
and wonky ears
Life's been busy, busy, busy since I returned from Westminster so many months ago. Somehow I totally missed spring. It was cold, I blinked, and suddenly it's summer. Here are some of the things I've been up to:
  • Work. Warm weather brings more work to my tiny beach town. (Maybe I'll tell you about my cruelty case later. It was a doozy!)
  • Old dog drama. Roxy is now 13+ years old. We've spent a lot of time and energy dealing with her senior issues. I'll share what I can, but sometimes I just cry.
  • Dog sports. Jedi earned another title (Farm Dog), but his training has stalled in Barn Hunt, Nose Work and Rally.
  • Dog shows. The April specially shows happened. There were a few problems, but all in all they were successful.
  • But the biggest news of all: I'm getting back in the conformation ring -- with a new puppy! I know, I'm shocked too.
I've been talking about the possibility of getting a new puppy for a few months now. However, I haven't even talked to breeders. Mostly it was "After Roxy is gone..." (Did I mention she's 13?!) At the last Club meeting I stated that I would take the Show Secretary position again. However, if I got a new puppy I would have to step down, as I would want to show and that's against AKC rules.

Fast forward a couple weeks: Last weekend I got an email from one of the breeders in the club. She said that she held two puppies from her last litter, a boy and a girl. Both are spectacular and good show prospects. However, she realized that she really doesn't need to keep another male. She already has four boys, and as a breeder keeping the female was the better choice. But she was conflicted, because the male really is a good dog. He has nice movement, good structure, a good temperament, is eager to please and is very food motivated. (Breeder has bred 28 champions, so I trust her assessment.) She remembered me saying I wanted a puppy and offered the 4 1/2 month old boy to me. She thinks I could do well with this guy (under her tutelage if I so choose) and knows that regardless of ring results, he would have a loving home and enriching life with us. "But no pressure, if it's not the right time..."

I'm not an impulsive person. I like to take time think things through. (LOTS of time according to my husband.) So immediately I had a thousand different thoughts. Fortunately, Hubby was home and able to sort through everything going on in my brain. We drove an hour to Breeder's place and tried to objectively assess the pup. Everything she said about the puppy appeared to be true.

Long story short: This guy is coming home with me on Friday. I'm still playing with name ideas. I'm open to suggestions. AKC naming rules were explained here back when we were waiting for Jedi. (FYI the kennel name this time is J-Lyn.)

Stay tuned friends, it's about to get real around here! -- K

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