Saturday, August 4, 2012

Date with a Turkey Baster

So while we were sleeping, FedEx was shipping some very important cargo to Florida -- half my future puppy's DNA. Yesterday, somewhere in California, CHAMPION MAR HAVEN'S LAST COWBOY SONG (below) provided a "sample." I don't know the details, so I imagine a dark room with National Geographic videos and Barry White playing in the background. I'm sure it was more clinical than that.*

Today that sample is going to be surgically implanted into the beautiful Zasha. No, there's not really a turkey baster involved. Made you look though, hunh? Cross your fingers. If all goes well there will be puppies in October! Stay tuned, there will be updates. -- K

Cowboy. Isn't he gorgeous?!
*WARNING: DO NOT Google "dog semen collection". There are pictures!!! It's disturbing.