Friday, August 24, 2012

Love Me Some YouTube

I'm still anxiously awaiting the birth of "Puppy." I've been trying to pass the time by reading various dog-related books, blogs and magazines. I'll share anything I find interesting -- whether you want me to or not! I also spend entirely too much time watching dog videos on YouTube. The most interesting one I've seen lately is a video of a dog (looks like a German shepherd!) drinking water. The video has been slowed way down so you can actually see what happens. See for yourself at: Time Warp -- Dog Drinking.
Did you see it? The dog's tongue folds under to cup the water and pull it into the mouth. Totally opposite of what you would think, hunh? It also explains why Roxy gets water all over the kitchen floor. Speaking of Roxy, she's telling me it's dinner time. Catch you later, -- K

P.S. I found the dog bowl at Cute, but at $30 it's outside my price range.

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