Sunday, November 4, 2012

I'm in Love!

Orange is the biggest at nearly 8 lbs

Look that face!
It's after 1 AM. I have to work in the morning but I can't sleep. Why? Because I got to spend this evening with the puppies!! They licked my face and chewed on my fingers and had that new puppy smell. They are all absolutely perfect! I have no idea how I'll be able to pick one. Any suggestions? -- K
Blue and Yellow wrestling at my feet
Pinky and Blue playing with a toy. How cute is that?!


  1. ok, now I want another one!!! :) Too cute!

  2. They are adorable, and I am sure you are ecstatic!
    When our poodle, Topsy, and six purebred pups, we named them and played with them until they went to their new homes. There was Sheba (who we kept), Inky, Jezebel, Little Girl, Big Boy, and Chester. They were all adorable, playful, furry bundles of activity. Except Chester. Chester was the last to leave the litter box, the last to get to the food dish, and the last to realize something was going on. He was also the last male to find a home--with a young preacher and his slightly pregnant wife from a near by community. A few months later the new family called up and asked if their beloved "Jacques" could stay with us over Christmas vacation. They were traveling and did not want to leave him at a kennel. I kind of joked that they had realized he was a dud and were going to dump him with us. When the young couple dropped him off, the very pregnant wife asked us tearfully to take good care of him because he was so precious to her, and I felt bad for having been snotty.
    I was also very wrong. He was a beautifully well-trained young dog. He was completely house-broken (Sheba wasn't), he understood basic commands, and he was attentive to everything that was going on, anxious to be a part of everything. Apparently, the young wife had brought out the inner dog with her love and attention.
    Or maybe I just don't know beans about picking out puppies. Good luck.