Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The OTHER Puppy Pictures

So I was asked  -- several times -- why I only took three pictures of the puppies on my last visit. Truth is, I took over 20, but I only posted three. Taking pictures of puppies is hard. Those little buggers are fast and won't stay still for more than a few seconds. I got a lot of butt shots as puppies would run out of the frame. I took a picture of the wall when one of the puppies grabbed the dangling lens cap and jerked the camera up just as I pushed the button. And one of the pups actually photo bombed his brother! Thankfully everything's digital and with a little creative cropping I was able to find a few decent shots. (How did people ever do this with film?!) Just for giggles, I'll share a few of the bad pictures below -- no cropping! Hopefully I'll get better at taking puppy pictures as time goes on. I wonder if there's a book on about this . . . -- K

Photo bombed!