Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jedi's First 24 Hours

Jedi is getting use to his new home
We brought Jedi home last night. He missed his brothers and sister, so it was a fitful night for us all. He and I both slept in the living room -- him in his crate, me on the couch. Neither of us slept for more than a couple hours at a time. UGH.

I'm very pleased to report that Jedi's potty training is coming along nicely. We've only had one small accident so far, and honestly that was Hubby's fault for not watching him. My smart puppy is also quickly learning that sitting nicely (the doggie version of saying please) is the way to get things around here. It's really hard to ignore him when he jumps up or tries to climb in my lap. He's so damn cute! However, it's best that he learn polite behavior now, at 18 pounds, rather than later when he's bigger. I can't imagine how big he'll be 6 months from now. Probably bigger than Roxy!

Jedi woke up early this morning in a better mood and decided to check out every toy we had. I had intended to only give him one or two at a time, but he discovered that he could climb into the basket and pull them out all by himself. I was laughing so hard watching him that I didn't have the heart stop it. Hubby found the camcorder and got some video of Jedi "killing" his toys. I'll try to post it later. I hope you'll be able to hear the ferocity he was showing to that stuffed hamburger.

We went to the vet this morning. The receptionist was tickled that the puppy was named Jedi and wanted to post his picture on their Facebook page. I couldn't help but laugh when she pulled out her R2-D2 iPhone to snap the photo. BTW, the vet said that Jedi was perfectly healthy and absolutely beautiful. But I already knew that!

Jedi DID NOT like riding in the car  -- or sitting in the vet's office -- and had no problem letting everybody know how he felt. He whined and howled the entire time. I was sure the vet tech was going to ask us to go outside because he was annoying everybody. There's a reason God makes puppies so damn cute . . .

We're trying to introduce Jedi to 100 different people in the next 30 days. Dr. Ian Dunbar stresses the importance of a puppy's early socialization with people. It's crucial that he meet men, women and children of all races, sizes and ages so that strangers won't freak him out later in life. Jedi has met almost a dozen people so far. (Thank you friends and neighbors!) Is it weird that I was excited that Jeff was wearing a hat? Probably. But I let him play with the world's cutest puppy so he didn't care.

Gotta go, nap time is over. I'll post more later. -- K