Saturday, January 12, 2013

Another Puzzle Toy

Did you know that Toys R Us makes dog toys? Me neither! I found this one at Petsmart and brought it home for the dogs. It's a round, hollow box about the size of a dinner plate. There are four hinged covers that reveal eight cavities for hiding treats. The entire top spins so the dog can access all the cavities. There's a tension knob underneath to increase the difficulty level. There are also non-skid pads on the bottom so that the dog doesn't push it all over the floor. Surprisingly, Roxy figured it right away. She's always sticking her nose in things, so flipping the covers up was no problem. Spinning the top was more a bit challenging for her, but she was able to get all the treats.

Jedi didn't do so well with one. He's more of a foot guy, so he spent the first few minutes pawing at puzzle. The top would spin 'round and 'round but he couldn't get to the treats. He then tried biting the cover. He'd get it open, but once he'd let go of the cover to get at the treat gravity would take over and close the puzzle. I couldn't get him to use his nose to flip it like Roxy did. Eventually Jedi got frustrated, ripped the entire top off the puzzle, and ate all the treats. Luckily the cover snapped back on, thus saving my $12 investment. 

The verdict: Definitely more challenging than the last puzzle toy. Hopefully it'll keep Roxy and Jedi's interest for a while. However, it's a good thing dogs don't see colors well because this thing is ugly! The hideous purple and green plastic reminds me of a cheap Incredible Hulk toy. -- K