Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Blogger Challenge Winners (IMHO)

Last week I participated in the Pet Blogger Challenge. Over 100 bloggers added their blogs to the blog hop. Most of them were A LOT more experienced than me; all of them had something interesting to say. I hope you checked them out. Below are a few of the blogs that stood out for me. I hope you check them out. Please tell me what you think. Did you find a blog that I missed? If so, let me know!

  •  Dawg Business is dedicated to dog health issues. A lot of information has been compiled in the 3 years that the blog has been around. The posts are well organized and it's very easy to spend hours clicking around this site (trust me on this).
  • Doggie Paddling is a new blog with only a handful of posts, but it's definitely worth watching. I like the product reviews and now I really want a Bark Box. I also think that everybody should read the post on keeping an emergency dog pack in the car.
  • The Elka Almanac is eclectic and fun. It reminds me of a more polished Doberman Pinscher version of my blog. The kind of blog mine would like to be when it grows up! The Where Do Puppies Come From? post is worth reading!
  • Just Another Dog Blog is pure eye candy! The subtitle is "ONE CAMERA, 2 DOGS, AND A LOT OF FREE TIME." The pictures are absolutely beautiful!
  • The Preventive Vet is another blog about health issues written by an emergency room veterinarian.
  • Something Wagging This Way Comes is another blog I really enjoy. It's funny and fresh. Also, the author doesn't forget that her dog is a dog, not a "furry child." That bugs me!
I'm also happy to report that I received some wonderful blog tips from other bloggers. What an incredible community I stumbled into! I have the next three days off and plan on tweaking my blog in between errands and puppy class. I hope you enjoy the changes. A big "Thank You!" goes out to everybody who stopped by. -- K