Friday, January 25, 2013


Our socialization window has closed and Jedi has entered his first fear period. Two weeks ago everybody was his friend and he'd greet them enthusiastically. Now he's wary of strangers and it takes time for him to warm up. He's not too fond of strange objects either. Apparently even plastic bags are not to be trusted. I've read that this is perfectly normal and he'll outgrow it. However, it makes me a little sad. I miss my happy-go-lucky pup. Hubby and I are staying calm and positive while encouraging Jedi to explore unfamiliar people and things. I expect to spend a lot of time saying "Check it out" over the next few months. (On a happier note: the Bonine is working and we've got the carsickness under control!)

We took the dogs to the vet last week for their annual check-ups. Jedi got his last set of shots. He's fully protected now. He weighed 38 pounds! Wow. Roxy got her shots too. And at 72 pounds she's overweight. The vet would like her to lose about 7 pounds. We've cut back on Roxy's food, adding green beans to give extra fiber and help her feel full. Hubby has promised to cut back on cookies and I vowed to walk the dogs more -- don't ask how that's going. So much for dieting with my dog, hunh? I guess Roxy and I are just a couple of old, fat bitches!

I took Jedi to the beach for the first time last weekend. He wasn't sure he liked the water sneaking up on him (see picture below). He did like all the shells though, and tried to eat every one he could find. I spent most of the time saying "What's that? Drop it. No, don't eat that." I'm glad nobody was around to hear me! Luckily, I was able to take couple of pictures in between shell recovery operations. Isn't he cute? -- K