Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I Love Pill Pockets!

It's Tasty Tuesday! Pet Bloggers worldwide share all kinds of tasty pet treats. I've made a few of the gems found on Kol's Notes in the past. (BTW, Four paws up in this house!) Today I'm sharing one of my favorite finds. Granted, Greenies Pill Pockets may not be considered "treats" but apparently they are tasty. And they're a lifesaver at our house!

An old -- but accurate -- picture of Roxy, our goofy girl
A little history: Roxy is my rescue dog. Once upon a time we were going to "foster" her and find her a good family. It's been seven years, she's not going anywhere. Roxy is ours. And Roxy is a hot mess. She's spastic and neurotic and quirky. (Don't get me wrong, she's also funny and loving and mischievous, and I can't imagine life without her.) Among her many issues, Roxy has allergies. In the spring and fall when the pollen count is high she is scratching and chewing like crazy. Left to her own devices she'd be bald. Benadryl and prescription meds help -- when we can get her to take it. Unfortunately Roxy is also the pickiest dog I've ever known. She always approaches her bowl with caution, giving a sideways glances as if she suspects were poisoning her. She picks through every kibble looking for the hidden dangers. So when we actually do spike her food with medicine she knows. We've tried hiding pills in cheese and peanut butter and even raw meat, but she just eats around them leaving the pills in the bottom of the dish. We've tried crushing them and mixing the powder into scrambled eggs, hamburgers and canned food. Potted meat (you know, that super salty meat paste for 49 cents a can) is the only thing that even marginally works. And that stuff is disgusting! So for the past seven years we've had to hold Roxy down and shove Benadryl down her throat just so she could stop itching. It's rather traumatic for all involved.

Then last Christmas I got a bag of Greenies Pill Pockets in a gift exchange. I tried them out and Roxy loves them! Now I hide her pills inside the pill pockets, tell her they're treats and she eats them right up. Petsmart carries a bag of 30 for around 8 bucks. Amazon junkies like me can find them for less than $6. And they are worth the money!

Greenies Pill Pockets come in four flavors: chicken, peanut butter, hickory, and pea and duck. Roxy love them all, but I recommend staying away from the pea and duck if you have a sensitive stomach. The smell is horrible! I've gagged over my morning coffee more than once.

I had seen Greenies Pill Pockets at the pet stores for years before I tried them. Why? Because I was cheap -- and stupid. If you have a Roxy in your life, please don't follow my example. I don't want to think about how many years of force feeding we could have avoided. . . . OK, enough of my melodrama. It's Tasty Tuesday! Hop around and see what others have come up with. -- K