Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tasty Tuesday

I had training at the Red Cross on Saturday. I didn't realize that the Red Cross building is right next to the Riverside Arts Market -- lucky me! While wandering through stalls full of organic vegetables, handcrafted jewelry and incredible artwork, I came across Bubba's Bistro. This stall was selling dog treats, and giving out free samples to all the dogs stopping by. They smelled delicious. I was too chicken to try one in public, but all the dogs seemed to like them.

I spent some time talking to the owner/chef. She told me that all her treats are made with human grade ingredients (meats, cheeses, etc.) but without salt, sugar or preservatives. These are the kinds of treats I'd make if I was as talented/motivated as Jodi over at Kol's Notes. I'm not, so I brought home a sampler instead. Inside were:
  • Turkey Parmesan Mutt Balls
  • Ham and Swiss Mutt Balls
  • Banana Nut Pawscotti
  • Cheese Bone Cookies
Jedi approved. I probably should have bought more than one. Fortunately I can order more online  -- or through Facebook -- because the Riverside Arts Market only happens on Saturdays and my next four Saturdays are already booked.

It's Tasty Tuesday! Hop around and see what others are chewing on today. Who knows, you might feel inspired to cook something yummy for your pups. If you're a bad cook non-cooker like me, check out Bubba's Bistro. -- K

P.S. And if you're cheap like me, grab the coupon on Facebook. Just sayin . . .