Sunday, March 9, 2014

Putting On A Show, Part 2

Following my last post about putting on a dog show, I'd like to share some of the stuff that goes on behind the scenes. Here is a list of jobs that our Show Secretary came up with to help get club members to volunteer. I tweaked it slightly, by am by no means taking credit for it!

Dog Show Duties

To pull this off we need everybody to help out somewhere. NOTE: Most positions will be manned by multiple people, and a person can work in multiple positions. Since this can be intimidating for inexperienced members, tips for newbies are italicized.

Advertising -- This person/committee will contact local radio and television stations to try and get coverage of our shows, as well as put notices on free websites like Craigslist, What's Happening in Jacksonville, etc. (Newbies: creativity and “thinking outside the box” a definite plus.)

Chief Ring Steward/Ring Stewards -- One person (Chief Steward) accepts responsibility of directing stewards in addition to stewarding. Stewards are needed for each ring. Stewards call dogs the ring, ensure handlers are in the order as they enter the ring, and maintain a catalog showing placement of each class and individual winners. Stewards also help judges in anything and everything needed to do the job: judge’s book, pens, ribbons, trophies ready to be given to winners, etc. (Newbies: This is the most exciting position at the show. If you want to learn about Conformation shows, please consider this position.)

Concessions -- Responsible for setting up concessions for our shows. This person/committee will solicit donations from the club, buy the food used, line up club members to help sell concessions, and set up/tear down the concession area. Receipts are turned into the Treasurer for reimbursement. (Newbies: When done right, we make decent money selling concessions. There’ve been times when the concession sales kept us from going in the red on a show. It’s not a difficult position, but it’s a very important one.)

Grounds and Set Up
 -- Responsible for setting everything up for the show: tables, chairs and whatever else is needed. Also responsible to help clean up after the show and pack stuff away. (Newbies: Although we need someone to head this up, everybody should pitch in to set up and break down.) 

Hospitality -- Responsible for making sure the judges get to the show from motel and ensures they are fed lunch during breaks; Arranges and sets up the hospitality room for those attending our shows; Gets donations from club members and buys necessary supplies. Receipts are turned into the Treasurer for reimbursement. (Newbies: This is usually handled by more than one person. Creativity and banquet experience is a plus but not required.)

Judges’ Gifts -- Since most judges just charge our club for expenses, we always give thank you gifts. This person/committee will check with the Show Chairman as to who the judges are, and find appropriate gifts for each one. Receipts are turned into the Treasurer for reimbursement. (Newbies: Show Chairman will give you a ball park on what you should spend.) 

Parking -- Assist with parking cars and RV's at our show site; direct people where to park RV's, collect parking fees, and help with any issues that arise with parking problems. 

Premium Distribution -- Once the Show Secretary has created the premium, this person will distribute the premium to a list of prior attendees. We have an email list for most of these; however, some request a hard copy of the premium so these must be mailed out. The person taking this position will receive a PDF file of the premium so can easily print out and mail.

Ribbons for Show -- Responsible for all the ribbons and plaques needed for our shows including the Futurity/Maturity; Contacts vendor and places order; Once order is received, ensures the club was sent the correct ribbons; Creatively displays awards at the show. (Newbies: Guidance will be given as to what awards are required.)
Show Chairman -- Responsible for the physical show location, equipment, trophies, concessions, publicity, and manpower. The Show Chairman assigns committees, but is ultimately responsible for everything. Our Show Chairman secures judges and ensures that all AKC paperwork and regulations are handled properly. (Interested newbies are encouraged to shadow Chairman.)

Show Secretary -- Responsible for the premium compilation, approval, printing, and distribution as well as catalog compilation, approval, printing, and distribution. Our Show Secretary ensures that all entry fees are paid (which is harder than it should be). Secretary also ensures that all armbands are properly distributed at the show. (Interested newbies are encouraged to shadow Secretary.)

Show Secretary Assistant -- At least one person is needed to assist the Show Secretary at the shows. Entrants will be coming by to pick up their armbands for their classes. Some will need to pay for their entries at the show as well. You will help the Show Secretary hand out armbands, collect funds due, etc. (Newbies: This position can be a bit hectic at the beginning of the show. However, you will sit next to an experienced club member and you will learn a lot.)

That's a lot, hunh? And there are hundreds of little things that pop up unexpectedly. Truthfully, it takes the better part of a year to put together a show. We'll be tired and giddy after our shows in April, bask in the glory of a job well done in May, and then will elect a Show Chairman and Show Secretary and start planning our 2015 shows in June. And we're just a Specialty Club (as in German Shepherds only). I can't imagine all the work that goes into an all-breed show!

So, wanna put on a show? Wanna see ours? -- K