Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pet Blogger Influencer Group

A few months ago I joined the Pet Blogger Influencer Group. We're an eclectic collection of
"pet bloggers/microbloggers/pet parents sharing their opinions and being a valued voice in the ever-growing pet blogosphere." It's a new group and I'm not sure where it's going. Blogpaws took the results from the initial surveys compiled into a nifty infographic (below).

So what does this mean? Maybe that I'm pretty normal -- as far as bloggers go at least! Places where I agree with the others are:
  • I DO buy "gifts" for my dog (but I don't wrap them.)
  • I WOULD (and have) done without to care for my pets. I've mentioned before how I work Christmas and New Year's every year so I have the overtime to pay for the dogs' annual check-up every January.
  • I DO shop online for pet stuff (gotta love Amazon!)
  • I DO use household "human" products for the dogs -- except toothbrushes. I use finger brushes for the dogs. I think they're easier.
  • And apparently I DON'T blog too much (much to Hubby's dismay).
However, I'm not sure if I'm an influence on anybody. Do people really care what I think? More importantly, do I even care if people care what I think? I'm not sure about monetizing my blog either. In the beginning I thought it would be nice. But lately I've been rethinking that position. For one, I think it looks like a lot of work. And secondly, I worry about being a sellout. The nice think about this endorsement-free blog is that if I say I like something, it means I really do like it. Nobody is paying me to say so. By the same token, if I'm not afraid to tell you that I think something sucks.

So here's the infographic. Take from it what you will. And let me know what you think. -- K


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