Monday, April 7, 2014

Dieting with My Dog, Part 2

Way back in September of 2012 I reviewed a book called Dieting With My Dog: One Busy Life, Two Full Figures . . . and Unconditional Love. I ordered it because the author, Peggy Frezon, and I had some of the same issues: high blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose combined with a sweet tooth and an aversion to exercise. I said: 
"It's not a bad story, but I wish there were more examples. I know the formula for weight loss: less calories, more exercise. Sometimes I just need things spelled out." 
Peggy listened! She wrote a sequel called The Dieting With My Dog Guide to Weight Loss & Maintenance -- and I bought it. I started reading it, misplaced it, found it and finally finished it. Best of all, I enjoyed it!

The book is divided into five sections: Weight Loss, Diet, Exercise, Maintenance and (my favorite) Resources. Each section is broken down into "YOU" and "YOUR DOG" so you can easily follow along. And just like I needed, things are spelled out: What are good healthy snacks for you and your dog? How do you get started walking with your dog? What kind of things should you pack if hiking with your dog? There are motivational stories as well. The resource section is chock full of web addresses so you can follow up on everything from a BMI calculator to dog food reviews to a free Pooch to 5K training program (oh yes, I'll share that one later). I enjoyed the book. Whether or not I put it into practice . . . I'll keep you updated! -- K

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