Friday, April 25, 2014

Pet Snack Launcher

We won a couple gift baskets at the Match last week. Inside one was a Pet Snack Launcher. WHAT A BUST! You load small treats into the clear bubble, pull back the launch leaver and have to wiggle the thing just right so that a treat falls into place. (Be careful, the treats can't be too big and you must get them in one at a time.) Then you hit the button. The thing will make a loud, distracting click -- whether or not the treat launches is a crap shoot. Even if it does launch it may fly across the room or it might just tumble out with all the grace of a drunk chick exiting a cab. The dogs were unimpressed. Even my gadget-loving husband was bored after 3 minutes. Seriously, this isn't any better than the Beggin' Party Popper. My advice, save your money and go old school using the underhand toss/catch command combo. -- K