Friday, April 4, 2014

Dog Wash

Jedi and I are back in the ring tomorrow morning. I'm nervous and excited -- and very tired. RK and I spent almost four hours today washing, conditioning, dipping and blow drying Jedi and his brother, Chili. We actually had a method to the madness this time too. Want to see what we learned?

Step 1: Assemble all your stuff in one spot

Look at all that stuff!
RK's nice, big driveway became command central. We had shampoo, conditioner, flea dip (it's that time of year again), ear cleaner, nail clippers, brushes, combs, towels, buckets and cold drinks at the ready. We even had a crate set aside for the dog not being worked on. [Side note: Next time bring sunscreen. My shoulders are really red. ouch!]

Step 2: Set up a washing station

Jedi gets a good scrubbing
We set up two tables this time. The washing table was just the right height to save my back. We could clean ears, clip nails, and scrub away without too much bending and squatting. The boys have done this a few times, so they were cooperative. RK's husband is a regular MacGyver and was able to run warm water to the outside hose. Jedi and Chili were very grateful. 
Step 3: have a separate drying station
Chili gives me a kiss
We set up a second table just for drying. Using the forced air dryer, we were able to blow out each dog in about 20 minutes. Tomorrow morning before we leave Jedi will get a spritz and fluff.

Here's what we're using to get them so pretty:

Isle of Dogs Royal Jelly Shampoo,  Isle of Dogs Light Management Conditioner and Isle of Dogs Isle Hold Styling Mousse. I spend more on Jedi's hair care products than I do on my own!

I've discovered that grooming is a lot easier with the right tools. The first big item we added was a portable grooming table. I LOVE my grooming table.

Just look at the table, not my bad hair
This particular table was not easy to find. It's 26" tall, which is just the right height for me (anything taller and I can't get to Jedi's back). And at 47" it's long enough for a German shepherd to stand comfortably. Most tables I've seen are too tall, too short, or won't hold a 100 pound dog. This table even has a basket underneath to hold all my stuff. My Mom got it from Amazon, but I can't seem to find it now to give you a link. Sorry!
 And my latest grooming product is a forced air dryer. This is like a hair dryer on steroids. 
Boy does this thing blow!
This dryer has a 4 horsepower motor and is surprisingly quiet. It blows through the undercoat all the way to the skin. Not only does it dry the hair, but it fluffs the coat at the same time. Jedi is gorgeous!
OK, enough of the beauty tour. It's now after midnight and I need to be up in 5 hours to finish grooming the dog. I also need to try to make myself look presentable before hitting the road. Wish us luck! -- K