Monday, September 21, 2015

Everlasting Bento Ball

Dog shows can be mentally taxing for Jedi as well as for me. I try to find interesting toys and treats to keep him occupied in the downtime, especially in the hotel.

The day before we left I had to made yet another run to Petsmart. It started to pour outside so I wandered the store until the rain slowed down. That's when I found the Everlasting Bento Ball from Starmark. I had never seen this before, but it looked interesting. It was more than I like to spend for a toy but I went ahead and bought it anyway.

The Bento Ball comes in several sizes. I got the large. The back part is round like a ball, covered in little nubbies. There is a slit in the back where you can put in treats. The front of the ball is flat, with a lip where you insert the correct size flavored disc. (See picture.) I gave it to Jedi to see if he could figure it out. Jedi flipped it around to get the treats out -- which was challenging because it wasn't round -- and gnaw on the flavored disc. He loved it, and when he got tired of me taking pictures he picked it up and carried it into the other room. I did good this time! -- K

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