Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pet and Community Expo

Today was a big day for Jedi. Hubby and I took him to the Pet and Community Expo down at Dogwood Park (the biggest dog park I've ever seen). This is the first time the park has hosted an event like this. I'm hoping it's not the last because it was awesome! Naturally, the expo was dog friendly. I didn't expect to see so many vendors and booths. There were at least 30 and they included:
  • Veterinarians and vet clinics
  • The local after hours emergency clinic
  • Doggie daycare and boarding facilities
  • Pet trainers
  • Rescue groups
  • Pet boutiques
  • Dog food vendors
  • Handmade collars and costumes
  • A pet photographer
  • Groomers
  • A Pet crematorium
  • An at home euthanasia service
  • A Fit Paws representative
  • Grooming supplies
  • All kinds of unique dog products and paraphernalia
  • A pet friendly apartment complex
  • Several food trucks (for people)
  • Dock diving demonstrations
  • Obedience and agility demonstrations
  • Dogwood Park membership information and discounts
We met several girlfriends and their dogs at the park and we wandered the Expo together. I was pleasantly surprised at how well behaved Jedi was. He ignored other dogs and allowed all kinds of strangers to pet him. It didn't hurt that these strangers gave him cookies. He is a pig dog after all!
I was also surprised by how many other people I knew were there as vendors. I guess the animal community is a smaller community than I thought. I was recognized by somebody at every third booth and had to stop to schmooze a little. I don't know if Hubby was annoyed or amused. The part that kills me is that I had both my phone and a camera and didn't take one single picture! Luckily, I have friends who did and they posted them on Facebook. So, thank you Pam ab d Anne for these pictures!
I gathered a handful of business cards today. I plan on spending the next couple of days checking out various websites. However, here are a couple of my favorite so far:

I loved these leash hook/treat jars from Southern Bark Boutique. I'm thrilled that she's local too!

I bought a couple of Pawsmetics products from a local Pawsmetics representative. I've heard about this company but have never seen them available. I'll review the pet insect repellent and deodorant spray after I try them out. Has anybody else tried these?

And finally, Vivid Collars had an awesome Star Wars collar that I wish I'd bought. It was $18 and I was trying to budget. I had planned to stop there on my second trip around but the sky opened up and I ran to the car, forgetting all about the cute things I had seen. Dammit.

Apparently all that sniffing and socializing wore poor Jedi out. He flopped on the cold bathroom floor when we got home and he is still out cold. Come to think of it, I'm tired too. I think I'm going to take a nap myself. TTFN, -- K

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