Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Arf Barket

I've mentioned the Riverside Arts Market before. It's a farmers market and artisans fair all wrapped up into one. Twice a year they host an "Arf Barket" where dog-centered vendors come to share their wares and services. I've always wanted to go but the timing was never right -- until yesterday! The German Shepherd Dog Club members and dogs descended The market en masse.

The weather was iffy early yesterday morning and horrendous in the late afternoon. (The news reported two Category 0 tornadoes in a neighboring county. Yikes!) But lucky for us it stayed dry, overcast and relatively cool for the event.
FYI: the food is better in the mouth
than on the shirt.
The market was full of fun for dogs and their people. There were dozens of booths with:
  • All natural treats
  • Dog food reps
  • Collars, leashes and costumes
  • Doggie daycares and spas
  • Local veterinary clinics
  • Pet trainers
  • Rescue groups
  • Dogs looking for new homes
  • Canine Companions for Independence
And then there were the regular market vendors selling foods, artwork jewelry and things I never knew existed (but bought anyway). There were musicians, street performers and a doggie costume contest. We ran into old friends and made new ones. I even got some ideas for upcoming dog club meetings. How cool is that?!

Look at that view.
While there, we met up with other beautiful German shepherds not owned by club members (I gave them my card). Who knew there were so many gorgeous shepherds in Jacksonville? And not just shepherds either. There were all kinds of dogs: big and small, purebred and mixed breed, in costume and au naturel. We left around noon as the market was starting to get really busy. I was impressed how well Jedi did with the crowd. You know everybody wanted to touch him. And guess what? Unlike last week's Pet and Community Expo, I actually got pictures this time! -- K

Some GSD club members with our dogs.

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