Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for these dogs! Who are you thankful for?
Today is Thanksgiving. All my kids work retail, so we're trying to fit dinner in between schedules. I'm thankful that the kids are employed, but sad that they can't enjoy time with family because someone must get cheap electronics today. Sigh.

Actually I have many things to be thankful for including a loving family, good friends, a strong faith, decent health, full-time employment, and the many freedoms guaranteed under our Constitution. I am also thankful for the wonderful pets that have shared my life. On this day of reflection I ask myself, was I as good to them as they were to me? Probably not. I've tried -- and I truly believe that they've all had good doggie lives -- but if I can do better, I will.

The following is from The Dog Tricks and Training Workbook by Kyra Sundance. (Regular readers know that I love Kyra Sundance!) I found it thought-provoking and had to share. I copied this verbatim. Enjoy!

You Owe This to Your Dog

Our dogs play a significant role in our lives, whether as working dogs or companions. We've taken them into our household and are responsible for fulfilling their basic and higher needs. For all the joy and companionship they give us, we owe our dogs the following:
  • Adequate food and medical care
  • A life that is beyond mere survival
  • Grooming, ear and teeth cleaning, nail trimming, skin and coat conditioning
  • Exercise -- not only the option for exercise, but also the encouragement
  • Twenty minutes each day of your undivided attention
  • Three enrichment activities per day (a walk, a game of fetch, a training session, a car ride)
  • Exposure to the world beyond your backyard
  • Socialization with people and dogs outside of your family
  • The right to give and receive unconditional love
  • Training, so your dog does not become a prisoner of his own misbehavior
  • Fresh air and green grass
  • Respect for your dog's needs and wants
  • Responsible breeding, or none at all
  • Time and space all his own
  • The freedom to be foolish and silly, and to make you laugh
  • The right to earn your trust and to be trusted in return
  • Forgiveness
  • The right to die with dignity
  • The honor of being remembered well

So who wants to be a better dog owner now? Yeah, me too. In addition to Thanksgiving, it's Thoughtless Thursday! We're linking up with Ruckus the Eskie, M.K. Clinton, the pups over at Love is Being Owned by a Husky and all the folks below to share what thoughts are -- or aren't -- in our heads today. Happy Thanksgiving everybody! -- K

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