Sunday, November 8, 2015

Where Have I Been?

Wow, it's been a month since I've posted anything and even longer since I posted anything regularly. What's up with that?! Truth is, I've been in a bit of a writing slump. (I have no idea how some of these blogs can come up with something daily. Kudos to them!) But never fear, we're alive and well -- and we've been busy.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of North Florida participated in an Oktoberfest German shepherd meet up. There was German food, lots of beer, fun and festivities for all. We even got a cool picture.
Look at all those gorgeous dogs!
Jedi and I joined a few Dog Club members and walked Fort Caroline National Park to raise money for the American Cancer Society. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful park. Jedi made friends with Park Ranger Tracy, scoring us an awesome tour of the park. Good boy Jedi! (In all honesty, Tracy is super nice and would have given us the awesome tour regardless of Jedi's geniality.)

Jedi's favorite park ranger is on the far left. Hi Tracy!
I met Leah from Let's Go Dog in real life! For those of you not following her blog (you really should) Leah and her large dogs, Zack and Zoe, are traveling the perimeter of the United States in a motorhome. I'm so jealous! I-95 brought her to Jacksonville and we were able to get together. She blogged about it here. And yes, she is just as wonderful as I had imagined.

Heads of Zoe and Zack in the foreground -- not much room for pictures
in a motorhome!
Jedi and I did five shows in two days over Halloween weekend, earning an international title (IntCH) through IABCA. More details about that later. Promise!

How awesome is this?!

Poor Drogo had another fashion shoot. Here's his Halloween costume -- a tad late. More fun pictures coming soon! Check his page for updates.

Did someone say creepy crawlies? YUM!

I've done a lot of NOT fun things over the last month too.
  • I've been fighting with my home computer. It's old and I think it's dying. Unfortunately, I don't have the skill to diagnose it or the funds to replace it, so I'm learning how to blog from my phone while using all those colorful words I learned in the Navy. Yep, Kelley swears like a sailor!
  • The change in weather has brought a different set of problems at work. Tis the season for barking and biting.
  • And I've been doing a lot of club president end-of-the-year the year stuff -- mostly paperwork and board meetings with a sprinkling of politics. Ugh.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I'll try to get a few more posts out later this week. I really don't deserve my regular readers and blogging buddies. You guys are great! Later, -- K