Sunday, November 29, 2015

You Get The Dog You Deserve

My old girl. And yes, I have doggie silhouette pillowcases.
The other night Hubby was loving on Roxy and he asked her "How did we get so lucky? What did we do to deserve you?"

Truth be told, 10-year-old Roxy is not the same dog we took in eight years ago. 2-year-old Roxy was neurotic and had some serious trust issues. She was spastic and poorly trained. She clashed with Pepper, causing several scary dog fights. Two weeks after we brought Roxy home she went into heat. Logan was neutered but the pheromones still drove him crazy. (I've yet to replace the moldings that Logan destroyed trying to dig his way out of my office.) All the dogs had to be separated for several long, sleepless weeks.

We had pulled Roxy out of a bad living situation and were just going to foster her until we could find her a permanent home. I didn't have any intention of keeping her. But right away she bonded so strongly to my younger son that it seemed cruel to separate them until she was emotionally stable. Of course, by that time she was ours.
I need this T-shirt!
We spent a lot of time and money on that "free" dog. We had Roxy spayed and dewormed. With good nutrition we were able to put weight on her. Medication helped with her allergies. Patience, consistency and training helped her assimilate into the family. She's still a freak on a leash and she never did pass her CGC, but she's a much better dog today. We couldn't love her more.

I had a trainer tell me that "You don't always get the dog you want, but you always get the dog you deserve." She meant it in a practical sense -- if you have an unruly, ill-mannered dog it's your own damn fault. However, I like to look at it more philosophically -- every dog adds something to your life. In that case, I am truly blessed. Each of my dogs brought a level of love, joy and companionship that I could have never imagined beforehand. I am one lucky girl!

How about you? Has a dog changed your life for the better? If so, please share! -- K

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