Sunday, March 31, 2019

Waking Up is Hard to Do

I am not a morning person. I hit the snooze button at least 2-3 times before rolling out of bed. I enjoy the stillness of a quiet morning. I don't like to make decisions before coffee. I don't like conversation before coffee. TBH, I don't like people before coffee. (Not that I like people much better after coffee.) I need time to warm up to the world.

Trooper is a morning dog. Until we got him, I didn't know there was such a thing. Trooper can't wait to start the day. My alarm goes off at 5 AM. Several days a week he's in my face at 4:45 -- just because. It's a cruel, cosmic joke. I made this meme to illustrate, though in reality Trooper's switch would be spring loaded.

I try not to get too annoyed with Trooper. He's a sensitive dog and his feelings get hurt easily, so I try to contain my displeasure to a couple aggressive grunts.

Today is an especially rough day. Between Trooper's exuberance, Hubby's snoring and the million thoughts in my head about this week's dog show, I've been up since 2 AM -- and it's a work day. I feel like crap. I'm counting the minutes until I can go home and crawl back into bed. Ugh. -- K

P.S. Funny Fact: Jedi knows I'm not a morning person. If he has to go out in the middle of the night he wakes Hubby. Good boy, Jedi!


  1. Hope you get some sleep tonight!

  2. I'm a morning person. I wake up, get out of bed and am ready to rock and roll. I wasn't always that way, but I am now. Trooper and I would get along very well.

    As for the snoring...UGH!

    Have a fabulous day in spite of being tired. Scritches to the pups. ♥