Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Finds #10

Guess what day it is my friends. It's Friday! This is the day of the week where Roxy and I share things that made us think and made us laugh over the past week. (OK, I'm sharing. Roxy's been slacking on her part.)

On a serious note, Roxy is almost 10 and she's slowing down. It's hard to believe that she is now a "senior dog." Where did the time go? I've noticed that she gets stiff and it looks like she's losing muscle tone in her back end. I was thrilled to see the post Back Leg Exercises for your Dog from SlimDoggy.

As I've mentioned earlier, the heat has caused us to look for ways to entertain Jedi inside. Jen over at Puppy Leaks suggested doing some nose work. I know there's a group that does this at K-9 Obedience Club, but I'm not that organized. I was happy to see Jen's post Teach Your Dog Some Basic Nose Work.  Apparently I don't need to be, especially if I'm not doing it competitively. Yep, I'm breaking out the popcorn!

Here's an interesting article from Discover magazine: Shut up and pet me! Normally I'm against doing experiments on dogs but I think these test subjects didn't mind, so maybe I shouldn't either.

The I Love Dogs Site often has good information, though I hate their format (I usually give up on a post after two clicks, especially if I'm on my cell). However, I found 5 Ways Owners Unknowingly Stress Out Their Dogs worth the effort. I hope you enjoy it too.

5 Tips For Training Stupid Humans from Something Wagging This Way Comes had me laughing out loud. What until you read the positive punishment for people who don't pick up their dog's poop. Warning: don't read this post while drinking coffee. Coffee hurts when you do a spit take. And it's messy to clean up.

Thanks for stopping by. See you next week. -- K

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