Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Finds #13

Wow, it's already Friday! Time to share all the goodies that I've found over the past week. Wanna see?

I read everything I can on non-verbal communication, so I just loved What is My Dog Trying to Tell Me? from Modern Dog. A big part of my job is reading a dog's body language: Is that dog going to run away or attack me if I approach? Can I walk that dog on a slip lead or do I need a catch pole? The better I can read a dog, the safer it is for everybody.

Along the same lines of canine body language is Why dogs don't like to be hugged from Mother Nature Network. The condensed version: dogs don't like it, so stop doing it. However, the article admitted that feelings may vary with each individual dog. I've seen it with my own pets. Logan hated hugs, and was very uncomfortable with just me standing over him, though I know he adored me completely. Pepper on the other hand, would actually relax when we would lay on her. She loved it, but only from family members.

I loved, loved, LOVED the post Quick Ways To Relieve Dog Boredom from Puppy Leaks. Seriously, this should be printed out and pasted on the refrigerator of every dog owner. If Jen practices what she preaches, she must have the happiest dogs in the world.

And finally, contests. I love contests. (Did I mention I actually won one? Yep, right here!) I've got two to share this week. Create with Joy is giving away a copy of Chicken Soup For The Soul – The Dog Did What? here. Do you feel lucky? How about a free t-shirt from Righteous Hound? Tales From the Back Road is giving one away here.

Happy Friday! See you next week with more fun stuff. -- K

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