Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sepia Beach Fun

A couple months back I read a blog post that had me in tears. In Do Overs the author laments over the fact that when her dog died at 17 she made a horrible discovery:
I have hundreds, actually probably thousands of photos of Woody. I don’t have any pictures of Woody & I together. Because, because my hair wasn’t brushed (it never is). Or my make up wasn’t done. Or I didn’t like my outfit. Because I don’t like haven’t my picture taken.
I have similar stories. I have one picture of me and Eli, one of me and Logan, and only three or four of me and Pepper. I did the math: in the 29 years we spent together, I only have a half dozen pictures. Yes, that's pathetic. And my excuses are no better than the author's -- I don't like the way I look, you can see that extra fat roll, all my chins are showing, I hate my nose. But I've decided to say screw it. Sooner or later (God, please let it be later) Roxy and Jedi will be gone too. I don't want to regret the lack of pictures. I'm going to take them, and I'm going to share them (otherwise I'll lose them). Here are two from Beach Day back in March. I still hate the way I look -- even in sepia -- but not as much as I love those doggies. And they're so gorgeous that nobody notices me anyway, right?

Roxy, Jedi and me enjoying a cookout at Hanna Park
Me and Roxy. Look how happy she is!
Next time you're out with your dogs, hand the camera over to somebody else and get a few pictures of you together -- before it's too late. We don't get any Do Overs.
 It's Sepia Saturday. Hop around and see what others are sharing today. -- K

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