Thursday, September 18, 2014

We Got Some Trainin' To Do!

Run, Jedi, Run!
Saturday was a busy day for Jedi. We started the day at 8 AM. We played ball in a large open field to burn off some energy. Look how happy he is! [ACO disclosure: this is private property and we have permission from the owner. No leash laws were broken.] We then drove to the Humane Society for our first class. He was nervous and not as focused as I would have liked, but he did well none-the-less. We were clicking and treating with the best of them.

Jedi, look at the judge, not the
We left the Humane Society and rushed to K9 Obedience Club. The German Shepherd Dog Club was hosting a fun match (kinda like a practice dog show) and we made it 10 minutes before ring time. Jedi hasn't been in the ring since our shows in April -- and boy was it obvious! I handed Jedi off to Sweetie, the same teenager that handled him in April. They took Best in Match then. This time he got the orange ribbon because he was the only one in his class. He wasn't focused at all. But he was having a good time and seemed to ignore the ringside chaos, so I'm not going to complain. When we finally got home around 2 PM, Jedi sprawled out on the floor and slept until dinnertime. I guess we wore him out.

Anyway, now that things are slowing down at work, it's time for the two of us to get back into shape. Jedi needs to remember how to stack and trot; I need to be able to go around the ring without throwing up. I had hoped to be in Deland this weekend for the Sunshine State Herding Group Association shows but we're just not ready. Besides, in a few days I'm heading north to visit family I haven't seen in eight years. Family comes first. (I guess I'm not THAT dedicated.) Wednesday handling classes should start up again in October. Maybe we'll be ready for a late November show. Cross your fingers that Jedi's big boy chest will be here by then. His brothers are already filling out and looking good. Jedi seems to be a late bloomer. I'll keep you posted!

So obviously I didn't think things through. I should have done conformation training over the summer. And I should have walked more and eaten fewer brownies. And maybe I should have refrained from starting obedience while still working on conformation. Oh well, not going to worry about it now. Thankfully it's Thoughtless Thursday, so I'm not even going to think about it. I wonder what others are thinking -- or not thinking -- about today. Why don't we hop around and find out! Until next time, -- K

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