Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Finds #11

It's FRIDAY! I've been looking for goodies to share all week. Want to see what I found? 

I love pictures, I just can't seem to take good ones. (Confession: my Wordless Wednesday posts are the result of a lot of editing.) I was thrilled to find Take Way Better Photos of Your Dog from Modern Dog magazine. I hope it helps -- for your sake!

As the weather cools Jedi and I are looking at dog show schedules. The most difficult part for me (besides my nerves!) is finding an affordable hotel that will accept Jedi. I've discovered that "pet-friendly" hotels often limit breed and size, or tack on expensive pet fees. USA Today has an interesting article entitled Have dog, will travel: Top pet-friendly hotel chains. There's even an informative video with a Newfoundland. If a place can accommodate a Newfie, then a German shepherd so be a piece of cake.

Here's a short video on dog training from Dr. Sophia Yin. We've all heard Cesar Millan and his "Pack Leader" stuff. Victoria Stilwell is very vocal with her Anti-Pack leader stuff. (In nearly every post she spends as much time bashing Cesar as she does on the content.) Dr. Yin has got a third analogy: dancing. I found it interesting.

I've had a bad week at work. I touched on it yesterday when I talked about Shitty Pitty People. (They're open cases and I can't go into detail. Just know that it's be tough lately.) So when I read 21 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than People from Something Wagging This Way Comes it made me smile. I'd like to add reason #22: Dogs are not vindictive jerks.

And let's close out with something fun. Are you a big movie buff like me? If so, you'll enjoy this quiz. Can You Match the Dog to the Movie? gives you 20 dogs with multiple choices per dog. It was harder than I thought!

See you next week! -- K

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