Sunday, July 15, 2018

Middle Dog Syndrome

A friend loaned us a wagon so
that Roxy can join us on walks
Yesterday morning was difficult for Roxy. I think she was having another vestibular episode. She didn't want to eat and couldn't seem to get comfortable. Hubby and I gave her a steroid pill, turned out the lights and loved on her as best we could. By lunch she was relaxed and napping. She even ate some chicken.

Old dogs come with issues. Bathing and grooming are more challenging (though Roxy has never be easy to bathe, brush or trim nails to begin with). Mobility is more difficult. And making sure Roxy gets outside to go potty regularly is important. She's had a few accidents in the house because she didn't tell us in time. Her care has become more time consuming.

Don't be fooled by the cuteness,
this guy is a handful!
Trooper takes up a lot of time too. Making sure he gets outside to go potty regularly is equally important -- but sometimes it's best not to take him and Roxy out at the same time. (Puppies can be annoying and overwhelming for senior dogs.) We're also working on Trooper's manners training and making sure he doesn't teethe on unapproved items. Trooper is also time consuming.

This leaves poor Jedi in the middle, wondering what's left for him. My mother (a middle child) used to talk about Middle Child Syndrome. According to Wikipedia:
Middle child syndrome is the feeling of exclusion by middle children. This effect occurs because the first child is more prone to receiving privileges and responsibilities (by virtue of being the oldest), while the youngest in the family is more likely to receive indulgences. The middle child no longer has their status as the baby and is left with no clear role in the family, or a feeling of being "left out".
Jedi puts up with it all
I wonder, does this happen with dogs too? Does Jedi feel like this? Hubby has gone out of his way to give him more attention when I'm dealing with the puppy. And I always have special one-on-one time with Jedi at bedtime (both Roxy and Trooper are confined at night, whereas Jedi has free roam.) Sometimes I'll take him with me to run errands after work, leaving the others at home. Despite this, I feel I should do more. Any suggestions? -- K

P.S. Dog Mom guilt is no easier than Kid Mom guilt. This sucks!

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