Saturday, July 7, 2018


Not my beach, not my monkeys.
I was sitting at home on my day off when I received a text from the Chief of Police. It said:
"Are leashed monkeys allowed on the beach?"
That was it. No context.

At first I didn't know if the chief was pulling my leg so I texted back "LOL." Then "Seriously?" She said yes and gave me one of these: 🐵

Two things went through my mind. One, I'm flattered the Chief thinks that I'm a subject matter expert. But then thought number two: "What the hell?!"

I told Chief that primates are not addressed in our ordinance, leashed or otherwise. Also, they're not on the list of prohibited animals nor the list of rabies vectors. I cited the ordinance numbers so she could verify the info for herself. (Hey, I am the subject matter expert!)

Chief wrote back "Thank you." Again, no context. Now I'm going to be looking for monkeys on the beach during my routine patrol. Never a dull day. -- K

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