Sunday, July 29, 2018

Baby Trooper

A friend of mine went to visit Trooper and his siblings back when they were babies. When my friend found out that the puppy she called "Moose" is now with us, she sent me some pictures. Below is the litter at about 7 weeks. They're all incredibly cute. Can you pick out Trooper?

Trooper and his siblings
Don't feel bad, I couldn't either. But his breeder could! Trooper was known then as Mr. Purple (as denoted by the purple collar). He's the cutie on the far left.

I didn't meet Trooper until almost three months later. He was 4 1/2 months old when I brought him home. He was still incredibly cute. See:

Trooper on his ride home
I think bringing Trooper in as an an older pup was easier for our schedule. He didn't require the intense care that is needed at 8 weeks. I was able to take 3 weeks of vacation time (I called it Pupturnity Leave) when I brought Jedi home. Hubby was only working part time while going to school and we had 3 adult children living at home. Jedi had constant attention and was never crated for long periods of time.

Things have changed in the past 5 years. The kids have moved out and Hubby is now working full time. Fortunately, Trooper's breeder had worked with him before he came to our home. He knew "sit," "back," "no" and a few basic manners. He was used to a crate and walking on a leash. He was extremely close to being potty trained. He was more independent and could entertain himself for short periods of time. All this made the transition easier.

My biggest fears about bringing home an older puppy were:
  1. It would be harder to bond with us and
  2. He might have problems assimilating into the family.
I couldn't have been more wrong! Trooper absolutely adores me and Hubby and has fit right into the pack. His presence put a little pep in Roxy's step her last few weeks. He and Jedi hold WrestleMania several times daily in my living room (and hallway, kitchen, and back yard). Trooper is smart and has caught on quickly to regular household routines.

Trooper sleeps under my desk while I'm on the computer
By the same token, Hubby, Jedi and I are all madly in love with this goofy, energetic, cuddly puppy. I'll always be grateful to J-Lyn for sending me that email six weeks ago. I look forward to sharing all the Trooper stories yet to come. -- K

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