Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Turkey Update I told you about the turkey traipsing down Main Street. All my sources told me that the jerk in the yellow house has been harboring the turkey for weeks. This is against City ordinance. When I went by yesterday to talk to him about it, I discovered why he was christened "the jerk in the yellow house." Anyway, Jerk denied it. Meanwhile, the turkey has been strolling the streets, scaring neighbors and ruffling feathers (figuratively and literally).

My partner and I overlap one day a week (today) and we came up with a game plan. Shortly thereafter another turkey sighting came in. We went out with our big-ass nets and I was able to catch the turkey on the first try. (BTW, that rarely happens.) With a bit of effort, we were able to get the ticked off turkey out of the net and into a dog crate on the back of the truck.

A few turkey follow-up facts:
  1. Upon closer inspection, "she" is actually a juvenile male. (A hunter friend of mine told me that the proper term for a young male turkey is "Jake." Ironically, that's also her son's name.)
  2. Jake (the turkey, not my friend's son) has been banished from the beach. My partner relocated the turkey to private wooded property on the north side of town. Rumor has it that there are a few girl turkeys in the area so maybe he won't mind the move.
  3. And not to be overlooked: I caught a freaking turkey! 🦃
Jake was not happy to be put in the back of an animal control truck -- so naturally, I snapped another picture. I've been texting my FWC contact about our turkey drama. I sent him the "Jake in Jail" pic too (mostly because it's funny). He sent me the following text:

What a way to finish my shift. I really earned my pay this week! -- K

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