Friday, August 3, 2018

Handling Seminar

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In June I saw an ad on Facebook for a 2-day conformation handling seminar in Ft. Myers. It looked like fun and I knew I wanted to get a new puppy -- eventually. I showed it to RK, who's always up for a road trip. She even offered to let me handle Chili (Jedi's brother) if I wanted a working spot.

I entered, thinking I would have plenty of time to process the information. But God has a sense of humor. The day I put the check in the mail I got the email about Trooper. I actually went to the mailbox and pulled the entry form before the mailman showed up. Then I paced for three days. I filled the entry out again, registering for a working spot with "a new puppy, name to be determined."

Now I'm pacing back and forth waiting for RK to get off work so we can head to Ft. Myers. She estimates a 7 hour drive (including potty breaks). Ugh.

The seminar will cover many things that I need help with, including:
  • Moving the dog correctly
  • Stacking properly
  • Breed-specific presentation and 
  • Ring procedures
The seminar ends with a mock dog show. Unlike a real show, it's the handlers being judged, not the dogs. The literature says "Think of this as the best junior handling class for adults." Yeah, I'm a bit nervous. To make matters worse, the trainer I had lined up here in Jacksonville injured her ankle and we haven't been able to practice. Trooper is going into the seminar completely green. (Chili will be there for back-up if I need it.)

I'm hoping to come back full of knowledge and a bit more confidence. If all goes well, Trooper's first show will be late September -- as in six weeks from now. Great, now I'm even more nervous.

I'll tell you all about the seminar when I get back. Think happy thoughts! -- K

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