Monday, May 13, 2013

Another Class

Tonight Jedi and I start another class at K-9 Obedience Club. This is a "real" class too, not like those puppy classes we were taking earlier. Those were about socializing as much as training.

This new class, Beginner Foundations, is a big dog class. ("Big" as in "not for puppies," as opposed to "not for Chihuahuas.") We'll be learning the basics of competitive obedience -- things like heel, front and finish. Hopefully I'll learn how to teach Jedi not to pull. (And how not to be an ass around other dogs. I don't know what's gotten in to him lately but I don't like it. I'd sure like to know how to make it stop.)

This class is also the starting point for Rally which looks like a lot of fun. My biggest fear is that I'll look stupid or just not "get it." That sounds silly when said out loud, but failing publicly is the subject of my nightmares! Maybe I can use that fear as a motivation for practicing. I really suck at doing my homework. Good or bad, I'll be sharing our experience either way -- but I'm hoping for good! Wish me luck. -- K

P.S. This entire post was written on and sent from my new phone. How cool is that?!