Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mud Dog

It rained five days straight. Everything was wet and dreary. Roxy took it in stride and used the down time for extra naps. Jedi went stir crazy and irritated all of us, Roxy included. When the weather finally cleared I took Jedi to the Intercostal Waterway, hoping to wear him out. I found a secluded spot where we could see the water through the reeds and palms. It was gorgeous! Jedi approved. The moisture in the air intensified all the smells and I could see that Jedi's nose was working overtime. I'm sure he could smell the opossums, raccoons, feral cats, lizards and armadillos that live along the marsh. I didn't see them, but Jedi knew something had been there. The only animals we saw were hawks flying overhead and fiddler crabs scurrying along the bank. Jedi didn't know what to think about the crabs. Every time he sniffed at one it would disappear into a hole and barking didn't bring them back to the surface. Once Jedi realized he couldn't catch them he went straight for the water -- and promptly got stuck in the mud. He sank a good 3 inches! Guess I didn't think this through. Fortunately he was able to get himself out; I was afraid I'd have to go get him -- and get muddy myself. I was also thankful that I keep blankets in my car and was able to protect the seats. Mud aside, it was a great day. Jedi sniffed and frolicked and then slept for the rest of the day. Mission accomplished! -- K



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