Friday, May 17, 2013

Puppy Cakes

Two weeks ago I ordered a couple boxes of puppy cake mix and a bone shaped silicone baking mold. I made the peanut butter one first. The end result didn't turn out as pretty as I would have liked. The cakes didn't hold up well -- two out of every three cakes broke coming out of the mold. Maybe the fact that the mix is wheat-free had something to do with it. However, the ugly pieces didn't slow the dogs down any. Even picky Roxy ate the treats with enthusiasm. (This is a huge compliment from a dog who only wants real meat and cheese.) The box claims that the ingredients are "human grade" so yes, I tasted one! I thought it was kind of bland -- but I didn't make them for me to eat . . .

I mixed up the second box a few days later. Roxy and I both agreed that the carob cakes were better. Yes, I tasted that one too. However, they also broke coming out of the mold, so I think maybe the design of the mold is the problem. (NOTE: This was the first time I've ever used silicone bakeware, so I'm not ruling out "user error.") Again, the dogs didn't mind eating the ugly pieces. The cake mixes don't contain any preservatives and the leftovers were moldy within four days. If you decide to make some puppy cakes for your dogs, I suggest that you use them up quickly. "Bone" appetite! -- K

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