Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bark in the Park

Last night was Bark in the Park. Our local minor league baseball team, the Jacksonville Suns, admitted dogs into the stadium for their game against the Pensacola Blue Wahoos. Ticket prices were cheap too! For only $7.50 per person and $2.50 per dog we got to enjoy a whole night of baseball. We sat in the general admissions seating with other dogs and their families. Some people brought lawn chairs or blankets, others (like me) sat on the concrete stadium seating. It was a fun and relaxed atmosphere, nothing like some of the other sporting events I've been to. Dogs sniffed each other, kids ran back and forth, people chatted between innings, and the players interacted with the fans (much friendlier than the Major leagues). We ate peanuts and popcorn and kept an eye out for foul balls. The dogs and I even ran the bases after the game. What a trip!

Roxy thought baseball was boring, but the
hot dogs smelled delicious!
I was hoping to get a group of friends and/or club members to join us but they all wimped out. Too bad because the dogs and I had a blast. And the Suns won, making it even better. Some people told me they didn't go because they were afraid the weather wouldn't hold out. The rain only delayed the game for about an hour, and after that it was cool and comfortable. Others didn't show because the event wasn't well advertised and they weren't sure what was going on. I almost didn't go either -- mostly because nobody else would commit -- but I'm glad I did. I will definitely go again.

I had my hands full with the dogs so I didn't get many pictures. Sorry. I guess if someone really wants to know what happens at the dog-friendly ball games they'll just have to go with me next time. According to the schedule, the Suns offer another Bark in the Park on June 15th, and Dog Daze of Summer with pre-game dog parades on July 28th and August 4th. Who's ready for some baseball? -- K