Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

Mom sent me money for my birthday (Thanks Mom!) with a note that said "Something for you and something for Jedi." Mom wants me to spend birthday money on something fun and frivolous. This a bit nerve wracking because I'm the type of person who would just as soon use it for groceries (which is neither fun nor frivolous). So I spent a rainy afternoon surfing the Internet, finding all those goofy things I bookmarked over the past couple months. With a little digging I was able to get free shipping one order, and a combo deal on the second. SCORE! Do you want to see what we're getting?

For meGerman Shepherd-opoly. Seriously!! I tried to win one through an online contest before Christmas. I didn't get it. It looked like fun but I didn't buy it because money's tight around the holidays and, well, sometimes I'm cheap. However, it does fit Mom's "fun and frivolous" criteria. Even better, I found it on sale. It should be here next weekend. I can't wait until for Grown-Up Game Night. Lucky for me, my gaming friends are 1) German shepherd owners and 2) wine drinkers. Oh yeah, it's going to be fun! (By the way, there's a one-hour quick version, so we don't have to play all night. But if the wine is flowing . . . )

And for the dogs: Something I saw several months ago -- stuff to make homemade dog treats! (I am not crafty in the kitchen, so I find this pretty exciting.) I ordered a silicone dog treat pan that makes 10 bone-shaped treats and two boxes of Uncle Jimmy's puppy cake mix. Roxy and Jedi are getting one box of peanut butter and one of carob to see which they like better. Think they'll like it? I'll let you know! -- K